I am an Italian artist and sculptor, currently based in Vicenza.

My artistic practice focuses on the relationship between human beings, society, and social justice, emphasizing the power of dialectic and participatory practice and the conflict between state power and personal autonomy and responsibility.

I have a background in European and Transnational Law and graduated with honors in Painting and Visual Arts in 2012; my final dissertation investigated civil disobedience and resistance in the arts.

Since 2011, my work has been exhibited at group exhibitions in Italy, Spain, the United States, India, Chile, United Kingdom, Finland, Portugal, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, and France, as well as solo exhibitions in Glasgow, New York, Turin, Milan, and Romainmôtier.

I have also taken part in many artist-in-residence programs such as Fondazione Spinola Banna per l’Arte (Italy), Many Studio Graduate Residency Programme (United Kingdom), Flux Factory (United States), Many Mini Residency (Mexico), De Liceiras 18 (Porto, Portugal), Scottish Sculpture Workshop (United Kingdom), the Summer School of Engaged Art (Germany) and Arc Artist Residency (Switzerland).

My Resume


With many years of public-facing and behind-the-scenes roles in contemporary art, I am now a versatile Creative Professional whose work demonstrates a strong passion for arts and compelling design.

I currently work as a Graphic and Product Designer who connects the dots between art, design, products, and the people who use them. I have a strong fascination with contemporary arts and typographic design. Still, I also have in-depth knowledge of creative, strategic development, and brand management. As a communication specialist and UX Design Consultant, I’ve helped many professionals strategize, design, and implement their brand identity.

I have a strong fascination for the significance of writing within the art world. I have years of experience working as a Translator and Interpreter for many Italian artistic organizations, museums, galleries, and magazines.

I am also an experienced Art Museum Educator and Consultant interested in shaping a discourse regarding innovative, experimental, experiential, and horizontal museum experiences while developing an inspirational and theoretically robust investigation of what art is, does, preserves, and challenges.


mobile +39 349 352 6392

Portfolio available upon request.



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