Exhibition duration: 22/01/22 - 28/02/22

Location: Galleria Moitre, via Santa Giulia 37 bis, 10124, Turin (Italy)

It isn't easy to keep a good idea for more than a day. Because of its nature, ideas are subjected to the corruption of times, and, when coming from far away, they have already gone off course several times, or they may already have thickened themselves with subtexts. To be colonized by the predominant culture, an idea must have walked among people, taking on their precariousness. For this to happen as soon as possible, an amplifier of messages is commonly used (the well-known "exposure") throughout words, suggestions, information, news, writing, rumors, conjectures, or undecided hypotheses. Those who expand the message have already corrupted its meaning by providing only a tiny part of its interpretation. Thus, a thought becomes little more than an exercise ("of style" according to Raymond Queneau). This methodology can be applied everywhere, proving its effects directly, especially in the short-range. It applies, for example, to the year 1998, on which the artist focuses. More to the point, to sift even better through it, she focuses on a sequence of events involving three people: Maria Soledad Rosas (known as Sole), Edoardo Massari (Baleno), and Silvano Pelissero, who in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight have been accused of actions of ecoterrorist matrix which started two years earlier in August.

A story that is one but is different in language. Newspaper articles, testimonies, judicial documents, letters, and an array of documents contribute to disinhibiting any instinct of sentence. Instead, they recited a historical condition where society moved according to specific courses that were not all disinterested. Some of them acceptable, others interpreted, all indeed scattered in terms or concepts by the powerful media apparatus of which today, we, as unfortunate pandemic inhabitants, find ourselves again weighing its actual efficiency. Raccanello's erudite architecture is an ironic historical and contemporary calibration of the awareness of our society illuminated through words. In the face of the news that makes everyday life a historical piece the next day, day after day, it transforms reality into a critical judgment against facts, people, events, and situations.